Realsense2DepthProvider issue

I’m using a Realsense D415 for skeletal tracking applicaiton.The application works and gives me skeletal data.But that doesn’t seem to be so reliable

When I was checking for this issue I came across people getting “can’t find depth camera” warning issues. In most of the solutions its mentioned the application will work fine if there is Create DepthProvider:Realsense2DepthProvider

But as shown in the above picture I’m getting Create DepthProvider: OpenNIDepthProvider.Would this might be the reason for unreliable skeletal tracking?

Hi ArunmozhiR,

LIPS SDK installed on your PC causes this issue. Please uninstall LIPS SDK as it causes conflicts with Nuitrack SDK.
You can also try to unregister LIPS module (

To see the list of registered modules, run the command:
niReg -l

To unregister the module, run the command:
niReg -u <path_to_module>