Recognize without joints in segments

I am a user who is using the nuitrack sdk well.

I saw the RGBandSkeletons example and the SegmentExample example and applied it to the project.

Is it possible to track a hand or foot without using a skeleton joint for a segment?

I want to bring an object that recognizes hands and feet using only segments without joints.

Thank you

Hi yjy020892!

Nuitrack has hand recognition without a skeleton, you can learn more in Interactive Multi-Touch Gallery tutorial.

If you want to use only a segment from Nuitrack, then you need to independently implement an algorithm for determining hands or feet.

I don’t fully understand the motivation to abandon the Nuitrack skeleton, which is great for determining the position of hands and feet, in favor of “workarounds” solutions

The canvas I’m using in my project right now is the screen space - camera option and the canvas size is very small.

I want to adjust the size of the skeleton joint to rgb and segment, but since the canvas is small, even if I adjust the joint position value using the simpleskeletonavatar.cs example, the size does not fit.

So I wanted to recognize a hand or foot using only a segment or rgb camera.

Could you possibly fit the segment and joint sizes on a small canvas screen?

Yes, we also found this problem. The skeleton is really not displayed correctly if you use the canvas in a RenderMode other than the ScreenSpace - Overlay.

The message contains two files with a hotfix that need to be replaced. After the replacement, you can position the canvas in any mode, position and orientation while maintaining the correct display of the skeleton.

Corrections will be made to unitypackage at the next NuitrackSDK update.

Let me know if there are any other problems.

It’s perfect!
We will test it once and let you know the result.
Thank you.

Works Great!