Recommended sensor to replace Kinect 2

My company is currently looking for a replacement for the Kinect 2 for tracking of skeleton, facial gestures and hand gestures in unity based games.
Nuitrack sounds like an excellent solution for us because then we can have one SDK/version of our game which can run on systems with either our old Kinect 2 or our new replacement sensor since Nuitrack can support both.
Does anyone recommend a sensor for us to use? Are there some sensors with many problems or poor tracking performance that you would recommend we do NOT use?
Currently we are looking into the Intel D435.

It is really hard to recommend just one sensor, it really depends on the use case. Overall, Orbbec Astra seems better quality, plus they also offer all in one Android bundles like Orbbec Persee and TVico to replace PC setup.

Thank you for your input! We will start looking into the Orbbec Astra Pro as it seems to be a good replacement for the Kinect v2 in our application.

Asus Xtion Live seems to be pretty good too. It seems to be the exact same camera as the original PrimeSense Carmine camera before Apple bought them. Exact same body, etc and it tracks much more accurately than the RealSense cameras. We have a bunch of those PrimeSense Carmine cameras here lying around and they work wonderfully.

Hello again,

Now that I have worked some more with our system, I have started to understand our use case better. The Orbecc Astra Pro that I am using seems to work quite well thus far. However, I would like to know if anyone knows of a sensor that would work better considering my use case?
The use case that I have envolves the following

  • Rapid skeleton tracking of a single user about 2 meters from the sensor
  • Hand/Gesture tracking to control a menu
  • Not too sensitive to lighting conditions due to home based environment

I have understood that the D415 could be good for this type of tracking. But at the same time the specs for Asus Xtion 2 seem really good. However, I do not know if it is good at tracking skeletons and gestures as there is very little information to be found about it. Does anyone know more about this?

I recommend testing with free Nuitrack Trial with different sensors to see it works for your case. btw, Orbbec is also introduced stereo based sensor similar to RealSense, should be good for sun light conditions.