Release note and older Release version

Hi Nuitrack team,

I’m using your product since 1,5 year and i’m looking if I must update nuitrack to fix many little bugs and instability (on foot and arms with chair with armrest).

I can not find anywhere realease note and older release version or if a new version was born since i’m using Nuitrack. But maybe i’m looking wrong. Can you help me on this topic please ?



Over the past 1.5 years, we’ve managed to improve our algorithms, added support for new sensors, and fixed a list of errors. Unfortunately, we still do not have full release notes, but they will appear soon. We’ve recently started using github for version control of Nuitrack []. Currently, the latest Nuitrack version is 0.29.0 (SDK v1.4.1). If you have not updated your Nuitrack for a long time, we recommend that you do so.

On the user side, not be able to read what was done in a time period, don’t invit to trust an update.

I know everythings take time and energy. If, like you say, you will do it soon : it’s for the best.

I will try the last release to see if there is no breaking change. Just a little last question : when was it publish ?

Thank you for your quick answer :+1:.

Latest Nuitrack version was released on 2 September 2019

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