Report of the type of device that nuitrack is connected to

Once nuitrack:init() has succefully completed - we need some way of knowing which specific device has been connected to by nuitrack

Is it possible for a property/properties to be surfaced into the framework that report the Device Name and other info like the usb portid

Something along the lines of this information would be ideal:

Name: Intel RealSense D435
Ser: 814412070269
USB ProdID 0B07

This would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Westa,

This feature is in our road map, however, we cannot say yet exactly when it’ll be implemented.

If nuitrack haves device connection order, how know its order?
And can we change this order?
Additionally, if connect trial license device and pro license device, what is connect firstly?
Thank you.

The list of messages shown when you run the c11 example - give you some indication of the order - and thats about all that is currently published. Something along the lines of:

AstraPro RGB is tested first
Then native connections of some sort
Then openNI - including Astra depth
Then Realsense.

And no there currently isnt any way to control how that all works


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If delete nuitrack/bin/OpenNI2 folder, nuitrack try to connect orbbec yet but it connected by OpenNI1 not OpenNI2.
And I’ve not tried it yet, if delete some .dll file in nuitrack/bin/OpenNI2 folder, may change order of sensor which uses OpenNI2.
So, can make nuitrack can’t locate OpenNI1 same way?
I want to play realsense firstly with orbbec connected.

Currently nuitrack follows a set of detection steps that are hard coded.
Removing dll’s to force errors is not an ideal way of running things.
Hopefully the dev’s will improve transparency of their init() workflow to give us better control over which sensor is used and how it is used sometime soon.