Resolution of RGB(Image)

I bought five Nuitrack License last month.
We use it to find skeleton of human with Astra Pro 3D camera. (Android)
But we have a problem.
RGB resolution is VGA…
We change code below

  • data/data/com.tdv.nuitrack.sdk/files/orbbec.ini
    We change code resolution : VGA (1) -> 1280 x 960(15)
    But we run Nuitrack App, code reset to beginning condition. (15 -> 1)
    Please tell me Why.

We need to HD resolution of RGB… !!
Please help us.

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for a late reply.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you installed the latest Nuitrack version (0.29.0).
  2. Go to /sdcard/Android/data/com.tdv.nuitrack.sdk/files/nuitrack and open nuitrack.config.
  3. Set the following configuration for "AstraProPerseeDepthProvider":
          "VID": "0x2bc5",
          "PID": "0x0501"
          "CameraID": -1
          "Width": 1280,
          "Height": 720,
          "FPS": 10

As a result, you should get HD resolution @ 10 FPS. You didn’t have to edit orbbec.ini, so we recommend you to revert all changes in this file.