[Resolved] License activation in embeded Nuitrack needs admin privileges when program is installed in "C:/Program Files"

Hi, I am using the embeded version of nuitrack with my Unity program and found a problem.

I created a small menu to activate the sensor’s nuitrack license inside my program. This works well when the program is located in any normal folder. Nonetheless, when I install my program (which contains the embeded nuitrack files) in “C:/Program Files” and try to activate the license, I get an error.

I attribute this error to the fact that “C:/Program Files” is a protected folder and the license file can’t be modified by the program if it’s not running with elevated privileges. I tried executing the program in admin mode and the activation was successful.

How should I approach this issue? Am I doing something wrong?


Thank you for your time.

Hello @adev
You need to grant permission to write to the data folder for the user. To do this, you need to add the execution of this command to the installation process of your application.

icacls "C:\test" /grant USERNAME:F /T

Thank you! It worked fine @irakli