[Resolved] Nuitrack (2018-06-08) version mismatch with Intel RealSense

EDIT: the issue below was fixed by setting the correct PATH directory for the latest nuitrack; I had the environment variable accidentally pointing at an older existing directory for nuitrack.

I downloaded this file: nuitrack-win64.zip (2018-06-08 18:48).

I tried to run nuitrack-win64\nuitrack\bin\nuitrack_c11_sample.exe, but I got this error:

DepthProviderManager: Can not create OpenNI depth generator (OpenNI Status: Can't create any node of the requested type!)

DepthProviderManager: API version mismatch: librealsense.so was compiled with API version 2.11.1 but the application was compiled with 2.10.3! Make sure the correct version of the library is installed (make install)

ERROR: Can't configure DepthProviderManager

To work around this issue, I had to replace the file nuitrack-win64\nuitrack\bin\realsense2.dll with the file from the version 2.10.3 of the Intel RealSense SDK.

Please fix this on future releases, thank you.

However Iā€™m not sure if my fix is appropriate because the Nuitrack changelog explicitly mentions this as an improvement:

The new version of Nuitrack 0.23.1 is released with the following improvements:

  • RealSense2 library updated to version 2.11.1
  • Eliminated errors of segmentation / skeletonization modules on the depth map resolutions supported by the RealSense SDK (for the RealSense D415 / D435 sensors)
  • New feature of adding post-processing filters for RealSense SDK (Spatial filter, Decimation filter)
  • Fixed incorrect values of the frame parameters returned to OutputMode for ColorSensor

Ummm trying to make sense of what you are showing
ā€¦ a .so file is a linux shared object file extension
ā€¦ seems like an odd error message to be seeing if you are running under windows

We are running the latest version of nuitrack with a d435 and not seeing this sort of error.
Do you have your environment variables setup to reference the latest nuitrack runtime?


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@Westa Thanks for your help! I accidentally had the environment variable pointing at an older existing directory for nuitrack.

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