RGB frame canvas will hugely slow "LoadSceneAsync"


We are using preload function loadsceneasync of Unity scenemanager on the basis of the RGB canvas tutorial project provided by nuitrack and found a very strange situation that is if the more we let rgb streaming, the longer the loadsceneasync function will take to reach the progress we set (0.9). In our experiments, if we streaming for 10 secs, it will take about 3 secs to preload while if we let it streaming for one minutes, the preload will take about 20 secs to reach 0.9. We don’t quite how the frame update is working in Nuitrack library. Could you advise how to solve this issue? We have shared the project file in the following link.

BTW, we also make recordings for this issue.

For the first recording, I just left click the mouse, the third scene is loaded just after the the click.

For the second recording, I let the RGB streaming for 60 seconds, the third scene will take 20 seconds to reach 0.9.