Room Demo, tilted cam

I exported the room demo to GearVR and the rotation of the VR cam is always a bit off (on pitch axis), ground is never even for me. Any idea?

Hi, Michael

Did you use native unity VR integration? In this case just remove SensorRotation component from Head -> Camera, add Camera component and disable 2 child eye cameras. It may be also good idea to call UnityEngine.VR.InputTracking.Recenter(); on calibration (best place to add it is at start of TPoseCalibration.SetHeadAngles() method). Just tested it and it worked fine on GearVR.

Best regards,

I just used the room demo, threw the oculus utitlies into the project and parented a ovrcam to the head (tried parenting to camera aswell). I deactivated all other cameras. I removed SensorRotation but that didnt made it better. Will try recentering.
Thanks Yuriy