Sample Error exit code 3 when testing compatibility!

I have downloaded nuitrack pro for windows 10 and am using the xbox 360 Kinect. When I test the compatibility I get two lines of code then Sample Error exit code 3, can anyone help me please?

Hi @Charlie_hutch123 ,
Does your kinect LED light up when connected to a PC? Do prebuilt samples (refer to %NUITRACK_HOME%\bin folder) run properly? Please run %NUITRACK_HOME%\bin\nuitrack_sample.exe or %NUITRACK_HOME%\bin\nuitrack_c11_sample.exe from the console (cmd) and send us the output.

I have similar issue. LED lits up on Kinect 360 and briefly I can see laser activates. I launched prebuilt samples frlm the command line and the error message says “cannot start depth stream”
OS Windows 10
Kinect SDK v 1.8

Thanks for any help