Sample failed. Exit code: 3


Trying to test the latest Nuitrack, got the trial Lic , did the activation,
but after clicking -Test- I get a Sample failed. Exit code: 3

The test window opens and immediately closes without showing anything.
I’m on a Realsense 415, Windows 10, i7, GPU 1060

Pls le t me know ,

Thanks in advance

Antonio D.

Same issue running latest release 0.34.1 with Intel RealSense D455.

Getting a 3D sensor list…
3D sensor list was updated
3D sensor is activated!
Starting test…
3D sensor serial number: 035322250920
3D sensor provider name: Realsense2DepthProvider
ERROR: Sample failed. Exit code: 3

What is an “Exit code: 3”?

I have met this problem on my own, please make sure:
1, it’s plugged and detected as usb3.1 device, not 2.1
2,the working mode, resolution and frame rate is supported inside the realsense viewer.
3, if you are working with ai feature selected, make sure install cuda sdk and manually copy cuDNN files to the sdk path, and have the right license too.