Sample get error receiving message and system crashed in win7

Hi olga,I need your help~
I working with win7 with D415 and 0.27.0 version, when I start the nuitrack_sample,it show a error at first,a few minutes later it get another error and continue output the log, with a period of time system crashed.
If i get the skeletons by unitySDK,I never get the error message,it look likes good but the system still crashed in a few hours.(Blue Screen of Death)
It never happen with win10 as a same program(everything is good).
It’s the sdk problem?

Emmmmm…Maybe the overheating of the machine caused the program to crash,I will test to add some fans for the machine。
Nuitrack_sample till show error ,unity can’t get the skeletons(program not crash).

Hi Feng Haolin,

Please advise are skeletons detected in standard Nuitrack samples (such as nuitrack_sample) and in Unity samples? If not, are there any errors in Unity log?

CreateFile failed - GetLastError = 5 isn’t Nuitrack exception.

Please check permissions for the Nuitrack folder (they should be read & write).

Also try to run the samples from RealSense SDK. Do they work?

At the beginning of a period of time the Nuitrack samples skeletons are detected,everything is good,but about 3 hours maybe the Nuitrack samples stop runing.
Same as Unity samples,a few hours later,I can’t get anymore skeletons and the colorfram stop too,but no errors in log~
I never try run RealSense SDK for a long time,just make sure D415 camera connected,it’s work.
Today I will try use “Nuitrack.Release();” when I never use the skeletons and “init()” when I need.
Thanks for your reply~