Sensor placement floor

Dear all,

I have a project, where the only possible place for the sensor is on the floor, looking upward towards the user.
However, I realized that the hand tracking function gets very unreliable and jerky if you compare it to the results, when the sensor is in the recommended position. As this is a commercial installation with several sensors, where the visitor interacts by hand position, I need a solution to get better results. Is there a way to do some software calibration to improve things? I use Orbbec Persee as well as Orbbec Astra sensors and work with Unity and the latest Nuitrack API.
Thank you!

Hi Olaf,

Unfortunately, current Nuirack version could not be easily adapted to provide robust skeletal tracking for this case. The good news: we are targeting this use-case (among others) for the new Nuitrack AI version, so please stay tuned.

Please record the data for testing. You can do this using OpenNI. You can download the NiViewer tool from Please turn on RGB stream and registration when recording the data. We’ll use this data when we’ll test the skeleton tracking with a new Nuitrack version.

Thanks Olga for this information,
it’s great to hear, that you working on an improvement for this. Unfortunately I have to finalize and deliver the software for this project (8 Orbbec sensors integrated in a huge interactive installation) within this month. So it seems that I have to looks for an alternative solution.
Anyway, I will send you some recording as soon as I have time for this.


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