Sensor Tracking Visibility At An Angle

I would like to ask about the skeletal tracking from a camera that’s 3.5m high on a wall looking down (the angle can be adjusted freely). The user is to stand around 2m away from the wall. Attached are some screenshots (Can get better ones with nuitrack running on screen later on but this was the best i could find as of this moment)

So we are using a basic unity application using nuitrack to track the skeleton of the person and detect their gestures. The issue we face here is that the bottom half of the body joins keep flickering and anytime there is major movement like a swipe left or right the skeleton tends to break. We have tested this with both an IntellRealsense D415 and a D455 camera using different angels, both failed to track the user properly.

I wanted to ask if this is a problem with depth tracking and if so what can be the solution around it. The program seems to really bug out when the user tries to swipe left and right and just stops detecting the user till they walk off screen and come back again.

Hi @Shariq

Sorry for the late reply.
Have you tried Nuitrack AI Skeleton Tracking?

If you still experiencing issues please record sequence on which Nuitrack fails and send it to us using this article.

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Hi @Shariq

Has your issue been solved? Do you have any other questions I can help you with?