Set mirroring different in config and programatically


I have noticed a potential bug. This is the result of me standing in “I” position in front of the camera if I set mirroring to true in the nuitrack.config file:

I.e. the arms are up in the air and moving them does not make any sense.
However, if I programatically set the mirroring to true (NuitrackManager.DepthSensor.SetMirror(true); ) I get the expected result:
And the mirroring works fine.

I am using nuitrack version 0.27.0 with Realsense D415 and just running the avatar animation example provided with nuitrack.
Snippets changed from nuitrack.config:

"Realsense2Module": {
        "Depth": {
            "RawWidth": 1280,
            "RawHeight": 720,
            "FPS": 30,
            "ProcessMaxDepth": 5000, 
            "ProcessWidth": 1280, 
            "ProcessHeight": 720, 
            "Preset": 5, 
            "PostProcessing": {
                "SpatialFilter": {
                    "spatial_iter": 0, 
                    "spatial_alpha": 0.5, 
                    "spatial_delta": 20
                "DownsampleFactor": 1
            "LaserPower": 1.0
        "FileRecord": "", 
        "RGB": {
            "ProcessWidth": 1920, 
            "ProcessHeight": 1080

Hi HenrikF,

Thank you for reporting this bug. We’ll investigate this issue and provide the solution as soon as possible.