Skeletal tracking comparison between RealSense D435 and Orbbec Persee

I had purchased RealSense D435 and Nuitrack Pro.
But in the RealSense D435, I was unsatisfied with tracking the skeleton of a knee or elbow 2 meters away.
So while looking for another sensor, I found Orbbec Persee.
But I can’t found Orbbec Persee’s example video data.

Can Orbbec Persee output 1280*720 RGB resolution in Unity?
And Can I get a perfect skeleton trace at 2 meters I want at Orbbec Persee?

Orbbec Persee is not a USB sensor, but a “3D Camera-Computer”.
Orbbec Astra Pro meets your requirements:
RGB image resolution 1280x720 @ 30fps
Depth sensing resolution 640x480 @ 30fps
Orbbec Astra Pro and Orbbec Persee use the same 3D depth camera.

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