Skeletal Tracking Noise

Nuitrack Community -

We are currently working on tracking moderately dynamic motion and are running into an issue with noise in the joint data. Particularly the ankle markers near the floor. We are using a commercial grade RGB+D capturing at 30Hz (Intel) with Field of View (FOV) of 87° x 53° x 95° (Horizontal x Vertical x Diagonal) and Nuitrack SDK. Our application is running on Linux x64.

Can anyone provide any guidance on methods for obtaining less noisy joint data from a similar set-up? Unfortunately, any noise in the joint data is magnified as we apply various calculations to said data.

Thanks -


Hi Dave,

Please make sure that the floor plane is visible. It’s important for stable tracking of a lower body part.

If you use RealSense, you can try to reduce the noise by applying two post-processing filters. To do this, open nuitrack.config from <NUITRACK_HOME>/data and find the SpatialFilter and DownsampleFactor (corresponds to the decimation filter in RealSense SDK) in the Realsense2Module section. For example, if you set DownsampleFactor to 2, the noise level in the depth map will be reduced according to the Intel recommendations.

Hey how can we do this to reduce noise in Orbbec Astra S U3 Sensor?