Skeletal tracking with Intel L515 or Azure Kinect

Any plans for Nuitrack to support Lidar cameras like Intel’s L515 or Azure Kinect?

Also, are there plans in enhancing the skeleton produced by the skeleton tracking to include wrist motion or hand gestures or actions? Wrist angle is more important, but being able to detect a hand grab would also be helpful.

Azure’s skeleton supports both of these, but the lag time with that setup seems pretty bad.

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+1 on both Azure Kinect and L515 support.

Also would be great if you could maybe think about adding a Node.js example. Alot of developers are starting to use Javascript for visual programming. I think this would bring alot of business in for Nuitrack.

  1. Support for Kinect Azure is in our road map.
  2. Nuitrack supports gesture recognition and hand tracking. You can find more information about the Nuitrack Hand Tracker module and Nuitrack Gesture Recognizer module in our docs: Hand Tracker, Gesture Recognizer. Finger tracking will be available in Nuitrack AI.

That’s great news about the Kinect Azure support, looking forward to it!