Skeleton based on Depth Sensor only

Hello. I am new to Nuitracker. I have a trial version.

Is it possible to get skeleton data and use skeleton tracking module if RGB sensor is disabled? The idea is that I would like to track skeleton in the low lighting conditions, where data from the RGB sensor is unreliable.


You can use a 3D sensor in the dark if it has an infrared sensor.
You can disable the RGB stream by changing the nuitrack.config file:

Open %NUITRACK_HOME%/data/nuitrack.config in a text editor;
In the “DepthProvider” section, find the “RGB” parameter and set it to “Off”.

Some parameters, such as DepthProvider.RGB, can be overridden using the Nuitrack :: setConfigValue function immediately after Nuitrack :: init (). For example:

Nuitrack::setConfigValue("DepthProvider.RGB", "Off");