Skeleton not tracking if "Realsense2Module.Depth2ColorRegistration" is true

HI, I’m using Nuitrack Pro with RealSense2 D435.

While looking for a way to match the color frame and depth frame,
I found out the value of “Realsense2Module.Depth2ColorRegistration”.
However, If I set that value to “true”, the skeleton not tracked in 2.5~3 m range.
The odd thing is that it is only tracked at close range within 1.5m

RGB and Depth is default size (640, 480).
Only “Realsense2Module.Depth2ColorRegistration” value was changed.

Thanks to read this.

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Hi jylee,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ll fix this in the next Nuitrack release.

I experienced the same issue. I am using the standard config file except:
“Depth2ColorRegistration”: true,
“RGB”: {
“ProcessWidth”: 1920,
“ProcessHeight”: 1080
If the registration is false the track is working.
In the registration is true the track is working 1 sec every 20sec or so. I tried different realsense supported depth resolutions but no success.

Do you have any approximation when this issue will be fixed and when the next release is planned ?

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Just an fyi on some testing we have been doing - if the DEPTH and RGB have the same raw values (RawWidth, RawHeight) then having registration set on still runs at up to 60fps (848x480)

ProcessWidth and ProcessHeight are internal scaled buffers that dont directly relate to the physical sensor outputs.


when will it be ?
this error is vital and urgent to many of us.

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Any news about this issue?

We’re going to release a new version in the near future. The delay is caused by support for new sensors.

Any update here? When I try to set Depth2ColorRegistration to true, the depth camera stops showing any information.

Hi John,

What sensor do you use? This bug was actually fixed last year. Please make sure that you set "DepthProvider.Depth2ColorRegistration" to "true". You can check it by running our nuitrack_sample (left mouse click to change the depth and RGB modes).

I’m using a Realsense 435i; I have gone back and forth setting that parameter a few times now, and each time the depth feed goes black (but the RGB feed still shows) in the nuitrack_sample and in a Unity project.

Please advise what is your Nuitrack version? It’s displayed at the bottom of the Nuitrack activation tool window.

Nuitrack version is 0.27.0, and realsense firmware version is

Please try to use the older realsense firmware version (for example, 5.10.3).

Hi, I use Intel D435i , and try to restore 5.10.3 firmwave version.
I have gone setting that “Realsense2Module.Depth2ColorRegistration” is true.
But I still can not use depth sense at Nuitrack.exe viewer and Unity Editor.
Please help me how to solve the situation.

Nuitrack version is 0.28.1,Intel D435i firmware version is 5.10.3

I’m having the same problem.

I have RealSense D435 and D435i.

The two RealSense firmware versions are 5.11.4.

The Nuitrack SDK uses the nuitrack-window-x64.exe 2019-05-29 version.

I set Faces.ToUse and DepthProvider.Depth2ColorRegistration in nuitrack.config to true.

When executing the Animated Emoji, FaceTracker of Unity Tutorials, D435 operates without problems, but D435i cannot get skeleton.

The problem still exists when using D435i firmware 5.10.3 version.

This problem can be checked immediately with the D435i, so I hope to fix it soon.

We’ve checked D435i with RS firmware versions 5.10.13, 5.11.1, 5.11.4. In our case, Nuitrack works fine. According to the Intel recommendations, minimum firmware version is 5.10.13+, the recommended one is