Skeleton Scaling


We’re building a native Android app using Nuitrack and need to be able to detects subjects of all ages.

We’ve noticed that nuitrack.config references a file called FABRIKSkeleton.xml which contains height min_height = "800" max_height = "2100". Currently we are only able to detect adult-sized skeletons but we believe these values could be modified to be able to support the detection of smaller subjects.

We would like to be able to have various versions of FABRIKSkeleton.xml in the app and initialize Nuitrack using whichever version is selected at runtime.

Is this possible? If so, how would we go about implementing this? If not, is there any other way to scale a skeleton based on age?

Hi Erik,

Nuitrack is designed to track skeletons of people with the height of at least ~130-140 cm to ~200 cm. Please advise what height is required for your case?

Hi Olga,

We require skeleton tracking of heights between 44-125cm.

Hi Erik,

unfortunately, current Nuirack version could not be easily adapted to provide robust skeletal tracking for kids. The good news: we are targeting this use-case (among others) for the new Nuitrack AI version, so please stay tuned.

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Hi Andrew
I’m wondering if you have an anticipated release date for the Nuitrack AI version? Thanks.

as for AI version, closed beta is on schedule at the end of June 2019, and public release in about two months after that…

Hi Dmitow
Any update on Nuitrack AI version release date? It is already end of 2019.

Will Nuitrack AI version be able to track skeleton of children who are about 80 cm - 90 cm height? Thanks.

The release of Nuitrack AI is delayed due to the high workload of the development department. We expect the beta demo to be released in the next two months
Nuitrack AI will be able to track skeletons of children, but this is not the main case at this stage.