Skeleton tracking limited to 2 or 6 users?

I’m wondering, having read conflicting information about the number of skeletons we can track :
here in the API doc // With Nuitrack Skeleton Tracker module, you can track up to 2 user skeletons. A user whose skeleton is currently being tracked is called an active user. >> 2 users max
But on the main site front page, I can read : Nuitrack limits the number of skeletons tracked up to 6 users. Tracking efficiency depends on your hardware.

So what is the correct answer ?


Hi Xavier,

Thank you for noticing. We’ll correct the documentation in the near future.
You can track up to 6 skeletons with Nuitrack. By default, 2 skeletons are tracked.You can take a look at the SetNumActiveUsers function in our docs for more information.