Skeleton tracking on HDRP scene

I am testing your Face Traking example on a HDRP scene in Unity 2019.4.0 and there is something weird happening: the skeleton doesn’t stick to my body anymore as it does in a normal 3D scene. Looks like it’s scaled down and a bit shifted (check the screenshot). Although my right arm works ok, my left side doesn’t. If i extend my left arm, the wrist bone barely reaches my elbow. Any suggestions on how I can fix it?

Thx! :smiley:

Depth Camera : Intel RealSense D435.
Unity Version: 2019.4
Intel Realsense SDK Version: 2.0
NuiTrack Version: Latest

Hi! You can do this by editing nuitrack.config :

  1. Open nuitrack.config (from %NUITRACK_HOME%/data)
  2. Find the section "DepthProvider" and set "Depth2ColorRegistration" to "true"