Skeleton tracking with externally generated point cloud

Hi all,

I admit that I don’t know anything about the inner working of the skeleton tracking algorithm. Therefore, I apologize if my question is hopelessly naive.
I’m wondering if it could be (in principle) feasible to have Nuitrack perform skeleton tracking based on a point cloud / depth map that has been generated outside of Nuitrack. This would allow a user of the nuitrack SDK to perform some operations on the point cloud (such as thresholding) before skeleton tracking takes place.

I look forward to any feedback concerning this idea.

Thanks and best regards


Hi Daniel,

This is not possible in the current Nuitrack version. However, we’re working on the new license type and new API, which will allow to use depth data from other sources with Nuitrack.

Hi Olga,

that is fantastic news! I’m really looking forward to work with this new API.

Thank you very much and best regards