Smoothing and interpolation

Hi guys!
Is there an interpolation of skeleton coordinates at the SDK level? In the video, you see that there are separate moments of time at which the engine gives incorrect messaurement results. Of course, you can smooth and filter the data yourself so that there is no loss of measurements. Support inside SDK would be the best solution.
Please advise me how best to do.

Hi @Sergiy,

Sorry for a delayed reply.
We are really interested in improving the quality and stability of the skeleton data, including the implementation of the described by you functionality on our side.
What utility do you use to test skeleton? Is this a public solution or your internal utility?
Now we are planning another step in this direction and such a utility could be useful to us (maybe even in demo mode).


Hi @vadim.bazhin
Thank you for your reply. I use a simple Windows Forms application writen on C#. Each time I change its functionality, when I need to check new recognize features. And that’s quick for me, writen on C#. But in fact, the main work is done by the dll library. This dll library is designed to interact with the Game Maker engine.
Summary: You don’t need my test program, you can easily do it something like this. You may be interested in the dll library - TrakingEngine - it is adapted for use in the Game Maker engine, but can be used in other applications as standard dll calls:
[DllImport(“TrackingEngine.dll”, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
public static extern double GetUserHeight(int id);
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Hi @Sergiy,

Thank you for the information.
Which type of skeleton tracking do you use: default or AI? Do you have this problem (incorrect messaurement results) with both? Do you filter the joints with a confidence equal to zero?

Hi @Sergiy,

Hope you’re doing well. Please let me know if this issue is still relevant for you.