[SOLVED] Can not active nuitrack

I buy a nuitacack permition on 2022/03/05, it is a annual permition, $49.99/year. In order to save money, I have been cancelled auto payment of paypal soon, to avoid the permition take my money away in the sence that I need not it. Then, when I try to active my nuitrack software, there is a error has broke out, software told me that the license is blocked. I think that it was linked to the auto payment, and I try to renew the subscribe at website, but the website told me there was something went wrong without any detales. In my opinion, it maybe caused by I had not enough money to subscribe another annual service.

I am not a native English sperker, I have been try my best to express my quest in a gentle way, please do not blame to my expression.

I want to renew my subscribe.

This issue has been resolved in support (ticket #2984)