[SOLVED] How do I get the coordinates of a joint from two sensors?

I am using two Intel realsense D435i sensors.
I am using nuitrack_multisensor_sample as a reference.

I am trying to make a program to get the coordinates of the joints from the first and second sensor respectively to compensate for the hidden and invisible joints.
I have added the code to get the coordinates, but I am having trouble figuring out which camera the data was acquired from.

Here is a part of the code

Here is a diagram of the camera and the person’s position

Thank you very much.

Hi @Saku8

You can add information which identifies the sensor while binding callback function to the SkeletonTracker. e.g.

skeletonTracker->connectOnUpdate(std::bind(skeletonCallback, std::placeholders::_1, window, serialNumber));


// Your callback becomes
void skeletonCallback(const SkeletonData::Ptr &userSkeletons, cv::Mat &window, const std::string &serialNumder)

Thank you for your reply.
You’ve helped a lot!