[SOLVED] How to run sample code (Ubuntu) (Complete Beginner)

Hi everyone,

As you can tell from the title, I’m a complete beginner to this sort of stuff.

I’m on Ubuntu and I want to run nuitrack_console_sample/src/main.cpp because I want to view 3D hand tracking for my Intel Realsense.

Which directory do I go to, and how do I run the code? Despite me having installed the Nuitrack SDK, it doesn’t seem like the sample code came installed with it. Do I have to make that file myself? If so, where?

Please help!

Hi Julia,

There is README.txt in NuitrackSDK/Examples/nuitrack_console_sample. Please note that the received data is written to the console.

Hi Olga,

I’ve looked through all my files and can’t seem to find any folder named “NuitrackSDK”. I can only see the two “nuitrack” folders, one in usr/local/lib and one in usr/etc. Neither of them contain any “Example” or “nuitrack_console_sample” or “README.txt” files.
I am on the Pro version.

What am I doing wrong?


Nevermind, looks like I just hadn’t downloaded the SDK. The link to download it from the website was broken yesterday (it just refreshed the page) but it’s good today.