[SOLVED] Notify User on Disconnecting from Camera/Sensor

Hi everyone,
how can i check(in throughout the lifetime of application) that either my camera/ sensor has stopped working or got disconnection due to any reason.
Is their any default/built-in way nuitracking is checking/returning if camera/sensor is connected and working fine or any other possible way to keep track of connectivity/dis-connectivity of Camera/Sensor.

Hi @omfu

TerminateException should be thrown in the case of sensor disconnecting. Please refer to https://download.3divi.com/Nuitrack/doc/Error_8h_source.html for more details.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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Hi @mikhail.khayrislamov,

I am working with C# Code and I am kind of stuck at this thing as I haven’t found anything valuable.
Would you please give me the solution which works for c#.


Hi @omfu

Sorry for a delayed reply.

Please take a look at nuitrack_csharp_device_api_sample (line Program.cs#L89). List of exception types is available here https://download.3divi.com/Nuitrack/doc/classnuitrack_1_1Exception.html (refer to Hierarchy tree).