[SOLVED] Nuitrack SDK license activated problem?

Hello admin,
I try to activate Nuitrack SDK but I get some problem like firgure below:

I have tried to uninstall 2 times and install the newest version windowsx64 again but the problem still remains:
Activation error: NuitrackException: C:\Program Files\Nuitrack\nuitrack\nuitrack/data/license.json: cannot open file
However, when I install version window x86, it’s successful but this version doesn’t have skeleton tracking
Please support for me to solve this problem, I just wanna test the feature skeleton tracking
thank for your support!

Hi @Lintarou0612

Please try to grant read/write permissions for the C:\Program Files\Nuitrack\nuitrack\nuitrack/data/ folder.

You can try to run the following command from the Windows PowerShell as Admin (Win+X):

cmd /C icacls "C:\\Program Files\\Nuitrack\\nuitrack\\nuitrack\\data" /grant %USERNAME%:F /T

or edit permissions in folder properties → Security → Edit

Hi @Lintarou0612

Has your issue been solved? Do you have any other questions I can help you with?

yeah,I had fixed it. Thank you for your support.