[SOLVED] NUITRACK unable to detect and load more than 2 user skeleton in Unity using RealSense D435

I am using Unity 2020.3.20f1 and Realsense D435 camera for my application. in application I need minimum 3 users’ skeletons to be detected at anytime, but it’s unable to load more than 2. and sometimes in 2 users it malfunctions. can anyone help me If you have faced the same issue and solved it.

Hi @Keyur

Sorry for the delayed reply.

That happens because Nuitrack is set to track maximum 2 users by default.

You can change this behavior in nuitrack.config file which is located in $NUITRACK_HOME/data/ folder on Linux systems and %NUITRACK_HOME%\data\ folder on Windows systems.

In this file you need to set ActiveUsers parameter (located under Skeletonization key) to the desired number of users.

You can also do it from C# code. Just call Nuitrack.SetConfigValue("Skeletonization.ActiveUsers", "3") after Nuitrack.Init

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Thanks a lot. You saved my job! :grinning: :grinning: