[SOLVED] Reinstall nuitrack-windows-x64.exe

reinstall nuitrack-windows-x64.exe will no going when the installation progress 66%image

Hi BigLine,

Did you uninstall Nuitrack from your system before installing the new version? Sometimes this can happen if Nuitrack wasn’t uninstalled.

Yes,thank you。This Problem solved ,that is because of the set_sys_env.bat failed。
By the way 。I have two problems want to know :
1、if one computer had activation with one sensor,but I need to change other sensor, I must reinstall nuitrack-windwos-x64.exe?
2、when power off computer,and start computer Nuitrack the will not work ,you need to Re insert the USB ports with the sensor。
and I found the the sensor with the firmware version: will work but higher version need reinsert USB ports.
(ps: sensor is RealSense D415)
thank you!!

  1. If you installed Nuitrack on your PC, activated the sensor and want to use another sensor with this PC, you’ll need to purchase another license (for a second sensor), delete license.json from your PC and activate Nuitrack again with the new sensor.

  2. Here’s a workaround solution for the issue with plugging/unplugging the sensor:

Edit nuitrack.config. Set the parameters "Preset" and "LaserPower" to the default sensor settings:

          "Preset": 0,
          "LaserPower": 150.0

You can view default settings in Realsense Viewer. Before that, you have to unplug and plug the sensor in order to reset the settings.

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Thank you. The problems have been solved。