[Solved] Select a specific camera in Unity


I have an application that uses a RealSense camera for tracking objects like thrown or kicked balls. I have a separate application that uses an Orbbec Astra Pro camera to track skeletal data for a player (the Orbbec seems to perform much better at this).

Is there a way for the Nuitrack part of my application to make sure it is using the Orbbec camera?

This isn’t a case where I need more than one camera in the same application. But because my system will always have a RealSense and an Orbbec camera attached I need to skeletal tracking application to select the right camera. The applications do not run at the same time. Hope that makes sense.

Hello @wahs88

You can get a list of sensors and pass any of them as a setDevice() parameter, after Init and before creating modules.
For the test, try adding lines to the NuitrackManager script after “Nuitrack.Init();”

List<nuitrack.device.NuitrackDevice> devices = Nuitrack.GetDeviceList();

Thank you sir, this is very helpful.

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