[SOLVED] Trouble getting Nuitrack controlled character to interact with water

I’ve been using Simple Interactive Water for URP HDRP VR which can be found here: Simple Interactive Water for URP HDRP VR | VFX Shaders | Unity Asset Store
Running the example they gave, it works as intended, and by adding my own 3d objects and applying the water interferer script I can get these objects to interact with the water just fine. However, I’ve been trying to get it to interact with any Nuitrack character to no avail. I’ve tried adding the water interferer script to the whole character, or even specific 3d objects making up the character, but it doesn’t interact with the water at all. I can even use the character to interact with other objects that interact with the water, but not directly. Does anyone know a way to make the character interact with water?
Thanks for any advice in advance!

Hello @Wyatt
Your Nuitrack character have an attached colliders? (or what need for interacting in this plugin)

Thanks for the reply Stepan!
After some experimentation I found out that I need to apply the water interferer script to each object making up the skeleton. So under RigidBodyController.cs, inside the awake function theres a loop that says “foreach (nuitrack.JointType jointType in targetJoints)”.
Inside that I added “jointObj.AddComponent();” and it works as intended.
Thanks again for the help

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