[SOLVED] TVico skeletonData.Timestamp streaming always 0 value

I need to write on the canvas the elapsed time from the first frame.
When I use the TVico streaming I only get a 0 value from the skeletonData.Timestamp.
Is there a way to stream, together with the skeleton, the frame time?

void OnGUI()
GUI.color = Color.red;
GUI.skin.label.fontSize = 20;
message = new DateTime((long)skeletonData.Timestamp).ToString(“ss.fff”);

Hi Francesca,

We’ll investigate this issue and get back to you as soon as we get some results.

We’ve fixed this bug. Please update the assembly nuitrack.net.dll (see the link below). Next Nuitrack release will include this fix.

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Thanks! it now works as expected :grinning:

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