[SOLVED] Want flip color camera skeleton

I am using Astra Pro and I would like to apply the Nuitrack SDK to it.
This is because the completeness of the Nuitrack SDK looks very high.

After all the installation process, we are going through the basic examples of Nuitrack.

All of the examples now raise the right hand the same when the user raises the right hand, which is too unnatural to look at.

What I want is that when the user raises his right hand, I want the user to raise his left hand on the screen as he sees in a mirror. Is there any way?

I would like to use the joint shown in the Color Camera like that.

Hello. Try change value

DepthProvider.Mirror to “true” in Nuitrack/nuitrack/nuitrack/data/nuitrack.config

"DepthProvider": {
    "RotateAngle": "0", 
    "RGB": "Auto", 
    "Depth2ColorRegistration": false, 
    "Mirror": true

Thank you that has been resolved.

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