Some way to test in unity without using a physical camera?

Due to the current situation, I’m having a hard time working with the nuitrack software in unity because I no longer have physical access to my intel real sense camera. I’m stuck having a team member test any new changes I make himself, meaning they have to plug in the camera, run the unity program, record themselves moving around in front of the camera, and send it to me.

Is there really no dummy input nuittrack can provide unity so that I can just test on that input? My project requires user tracking and generating graphics onto a user segment, so it’s hard to see how my new changes to the graphics affect the rendering on the person if I can’t test it myself. Please tell me there’s some solution to this.

Nuitrack can play .bag files. This function is not officially supported and used as a debugging tool. In addition, you can use it only with a trial license, which is limited to three minutes. To record a .bag file, use the official RealsenseViewer utility (recommended version is 2.20). In order to play a .bag file in Nuitrack, you need to:

  • Activate the trial license;
  • Open nuitrack.config and specify the path to a .bag file in the Realsense2Module.FileRecord` field.

Looking forward to your response.

I was able to find example .oni files a lot easier of human bodies moving in front of the camera than .bag files. I was able to change the nuitrack.config file and specify the path to the .oni file in the OpenNI.FileRecord field. I was also able to pass the compatiblity test. However, I am not able to get the trial license to activate. I’ve tried both with the way of having a license emailed to me and through generating licenses on Every single time, I get the error that Network Error (302): Error transferring - server replied: Bad Request
Failed: License signature is incorrect. Wrong serial. Does this have anything to do with the fact that I’m not using a camera during the compatbility test, but instead a file?

The license is linked to a depth sensor. In order to activate the Pro license, please restore the parameters of the configuration file and run the compatibility test again.

How to activate the trial license without a device?
Can I use the trial version to read from a bag file directly?

Hey, basically same question here.
I would like to use recordings from the TVIco/Persee in Unity development, but to load the .oni files directly in Unity I need to activate the license which requires me to connect a device, which I suppose I cant do with the TVico (where the activation happens on the device itself)?
I dont have any other depth cameras but I have a valid pro license from the TVico, how can I use this for development in Unity with pre-recorded depth data?
Thank you!