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Im working with your sdk on openFrameworks, a c++ toolkit.

Im having problems with the project structure, i can compile and run but only if i put the exe in the same bin folder as the nuitrack demos.

I tryed to specify the path to the config file nuitrack::Nuitrack::init(configPath); function but this do not work and i still get a crash.

As the current project works if i execute it from the demo bin folder i assume that is something related to needed files to run.

What files are need to run a project with your sdk?

Hi natxo,

What is your OS: Windows or Linux?
It seems that environment variables are set incorrectly.

If you use Windows, please check that the PATH variable includes the path to <your-install-folder>\nuitrack\bin and NUITRACK_HOME is <install-folder>\nuitrack.

If you use Linux, check the environment variables using the following commands:


NUITRACK_HOME should be equal to /usr/etc/nuitrack.
LD_LIBRARY_PATH should include the /usr/local/lib/nuitrack path.

If the environment variables are empty, set them manually using the following commands (as root):

echo "export NUITRACK_HOME=/usr/etc/nuitrack" > /etc/profile.d/
echo "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/nuitrack" >> /etc/profile.d/
. /etc/profile.d/

Thank you Olga

Im on win10, yes i have in system vars Path and NUITRACK_HOME with the correct valuesnuitrack_homepath

Please download Nuitrack SDK and try to build any sample (for example, nuitrack_console_sample) from the Examples folder.

That works… what can be the mistake in my project?

I managed to make it work, i had to put OpenNI2 folder in the same level as my exe.

Do not understand why, as the sample project in sdk do not have this folder and works… but with this folder it works.

Thank you!

It seems that you put openni2.dll at the same level with your exe file. Indeed, in this case, it’s necessary to put the whole OpenNI folder in the same directory as openni2.dll. However, if there’s no openni2.dll next to your exe, Nuitrack looks for OpenNI located in the Nuitrack home directory (it’s not necessary to move OpenNI folder at all).

Yes i have openni2.dll in the same level as i my exe…

Now it make sense!!

Have to say that support here is great, thank you!

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