Stuck in 2018; please send help!

I work for an agency that does long-term physical installations, and we’ve been running a Nuitrack-driven Unity 2018 Win10/x64 project in the field since… about 2018. The Nuitrack package we were most recently shipping with it looks to be 0.27.0. We used offline Pro perpetual licenses, and as far as we’ve heard, they were holding up great.

The client is now looking for us to do several more installations of the same project. Empirically, newly purchased Pro licenses do not seem compatible with the 0.27.0 tool- they return 0 available perpetual or 1-year seats. The latest and greatest nuitrack-windows-x64.exe installs an API version that appears to be mercifully and miraculously backwards-compatible to our current build… with the caveat that now, particularly on machines spec’d from the original deployment, GPU load (NVidia Quadro P5000 project spec, but also seeing the issue on an RTX 2070 Super) starts at 50%+, jumps to 70% as soon as the first user enters the sensor (Orbbec Astra S), and over the course of about 2 hours, ratchets up to 100% GPU load and begins tanking the application framerate. I don’t recall this being an issue at any time before now, and Nuitrack is the biggest change. Moreover, as a test control, the current build using legacy Kinect 2 direct API for its sensory instead of Nuitrack goes a full day without performance issues.

This is such a big and convoluted project that I’m terrified about trying to migrate it to a newer Unity, or newer API integration, but shipping fresh installs that need to reboot every 2 hours is a non-starter. So…

  • Is there anything that was added to Nuitrack since ~2019 that is not strictly necessary, and is easy to disable via the Unity/Vitruvius APIs of that era (or by some manual process of e.g. yanking/swapping files after installation)?
  • Is there any way to use new licenses with the legacy 0.27.0 licensing tool so we can stay on, or at least comparison-test, that API version?
  • Is there any way to purchase fresh licenses compatible with the 0.27.0 API stack?

Dear @NNSkelly, we are now trying to figure out what is the issue with the licensing and don’t see any licenses assigned to your e-mail (from forum account).
To make it more predictable and for you to share your private licensing details, let’s proceed through our Help Desk system.
Could you please send this message with e-mail which was used for licensing purposes to the

To save anyone else a 2-week support ticket (not the least the Nuitrack support staff), tl;dr no, you can’t use new licenses with old installations, so you’re out of luck if you haven’t maintained payment on an active license key from the relevant era. But it may be possible to turn off unused features of newer stacks, e.g. automatic Nuitrack AI enhanced tracking per

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