Support for Microsoft Kinect Azure

Do you have any planes to support Microsoft Kinect Azure ?
We just start to work on a project and we wnat to select target HW …
Combination of nuitrack SDK with new Kinect sounds promissing to us …

Michal Husak
GALI-3D Inc. senior software engineer

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Hi Michal,

Microsoft Kinect Azure provides their own SDK for body tracking. However, we’re going to test Microsoft Kinect Azure in the next two months. We’ll notify our clients if we add support for this sensor.

Hi just downloaded the trial and have it working with a D435 sensor but was wondering about use with Azure Kinect. Has anything developed since this post was made?

As mentioned by Oga, Azure Kinect have its equivalent of nuitrack. It is cold Body Tracking SDK and it is for free … The Body Tracking SDK use heavy CUDA and nVidia neural network - GeForce card dependent. It will be nice if nuitrack will support all HW, but for Azure Kinect it is not necessary now …

We are currently testing Microsoft Kinect Azure. We’ll notify our clients if we add support for this sensor.

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Hey guys, any updates on this?

Kinect Azure’s body tracking SDK is way too GPU heavy, and limited to very high spec computers. Even on powerful GTX1080 level rig the accuracy and FPS is terrible.

You guys would be superheros to the kinect dev community if you supported it.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact date, since the software is still in development and testing.