Support OpenCV3


I’m working on developing a user tracker with nuitrack and ROS. I want to republish or processing images in my program. But, current ROS support OpenCV 3.3.1, so, I can’t complie my program. It has errors.
Do you have a reason that you have to use OpenCV2.4? And, have you plan to update OpenCV version?

did you solve the problem?


Hi byeongkyu,

We’re working on moving to OpenCV 3.4. It is planned to use static OpenCV libraries so that Nuitrack won’t conflict with the OpenCV version installed on the system and developers will be able to use any OpenCV version.

Dear Olga,

How many more days we need to wait for OpenCV 3.4 support?

Hi Prasanna,

At the moment we’re in the active phase of integrating OpenCV 3.4 with Nuitrack. If no issues are detected during the testing, support for OpenCV 3.4 will be added in the short term.