The status of opening and Closing of hand

I am developing a function of detecting Opening and Closing of the hands in my system,I have some problems about the value of pressure variable in hand tracking module:
1.The pressure in handtracking structure is a variable of int type,but only return three values,0 for nothing,100 for closing of hand and 50 for opening of hand.Is there some other values of this variable?
2.During my test, A slight bending of the fingures will be recognized as closing of hand, that was so bad.Is there any params in config file can be adjusted to correct this problem?
3.My Camera is Astra Pro,what is the best position of the camera for detecting?And Is there some best Configuration for this camera?
Looking forward for your reply. Thanks!

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Hi, ChrisBao,

  1. Only 50 and 100 values are available at the moment.
  2. Please advise what OS do you use? Please record an .oni file using NiViewer from Astra SDK that shows this issue.
  3. Please take a look at recommended conditions in our online documentation.

Hi, olga.kuzminykh
Thank you for your reply, I am new to OpenNI, I can only record .oni file with the depthstream of Astra Pro.How can I record a file with both colorstream and depthstream on my Astra pro.
Looking forward for your reply. Thanks!

You won’t be able to record RGB image using NiViewer and Astra Pro. We need only depth image.

To record an .oni file in the NiViewer, please do the following steps:

  • Download SDK with NiViewer
  • For Windows: open OpenNI_2.3.0.43\Windows and unpack OpenNI-Windows-<YOUR_ARCH>
  • In the unpacked folder, open the “OpenNI-Windows-<YOUR_ARCH>-2.3\Tools” folder and run NiViewer.exe
  • Press the ‘d’ button

Hi, olga.kuzminykh,
Thank you for your reply, my issue is showing in the picures:
A slight bending of the fingures, as the status of my hand in the pic, will be recognized as closing of hand, and some of my colleagues, when clenching their fists, are still detected as open hands. I just want to know if I can adjust the settings to make the detection rate higher.
My .oni file can not be upload to the forum, as the forum has limitted the type of file,how can I send to you?
Looking forward for your reply. Thanks!

Hi, ChrisBao,

Please upload the recorded video to any cloud storage (for example, DropBox) and send the link to

Thank you very much for your reply, my .oni file has been sent to the dropbox.
Looking forward for your reply. Thanks!

Did you send the link to our support? Please resend it as we haven’t received the ticket.
Or you can publish it here.

Ok, the link is

Currently, only two positions are detected: ‘open’ / ‘close’ (‘clenched’ / ‘not clenched’). Intermediate positions (as shown on your video) are not well defined. We’re working on fixing this issue, however, the exact timing is yet unknown.

Hi, olga.kuzminykh
Thank you, It seems that I need to develop my own Algorithm.