Timestamps of RealSense D435


I am using Nuitrack with the RealSense D435 camera. I have a question about the timestamps: how are they generated? Is the timestamp obtained from the system clock when the depth image is being read by Nuitrack or is it generated in the RealSense D435 which is then synchronized with the PC?

Alright, I’ve been able to get the system timestamp and the sensor timestamp from the RS435 using the Intel RealSense SDK. However, I’m not able to run the Intel RealSense SDK and Nuitrack at the same time because they both work with the same interface.

For the RealSense SDK there is the posibility to obtain the frame metadata which includes both the sensor timestamp which is generated by the Intel RealSense D435 camera as well as the backend timestamp which is generated when by the PC at the time a frame comes in. Is there any possibility for the Nuitrack software to also get this metadata included in the frames so that I will be able to synchronize my application with other devices?

Or another option: is it possible to get a timestamp at the arrival of a frame? Currently, when I use an onDepthFrameUpdate and get the time there, there is a lag due to processing of Nuitrack.

Hi Joost,

Unfortunately you can’t access to the metadata properties of the Realsense frame through the current version of Nuitrack.
At this moment, Nuitrack provides timestamps for the RealSense camera via the frame::get_timestamp method in the RealSense SDK.