Transfering Perpetual Nuitrack Pro license

I have several (in sum 8) Orbbec Persee cameras in an exhibition. For each of them I bought a Nuitrack Pro License. Now after 2 years, 2 of this cameras are broken and cannot be repaired. It seems, that it is not possible to transfer the licenses of the 2 old sensors to the new ones. Does this mean, I also have to buy new licenses and throw the others away together with the sensors? I hope not. Thanks for your Feedback. cheers Olaf

Hello Olafnui
Unfortunately it seems impossible. i’m sorry.

Thanks for answering Fedor. For me this business strategy is not acceptable. If you as customer buy some software for hardware and the hardware is broken then you should be able to use what you payed for on another hardware. That is my opinion how software should work. The policy from Nuitrack is not sustainable and not fair at all for the customers. For new projects I decided to use other solutions now. Nuitrack is not on my list anymore. Cheers Olaf

Hello Olafnui
We will try to help you, plese contact our Nuitrack product manager Alexander Potopakhin to discuss the personal contract:
I think we decide it