Trouble installing TVico.apk


I’m having trouble installing the TVico.apk on my Orbbec Persee.
I got one Persee that came bundled with TVico and I found it preinstalled on there, on a second Persee there’s just software like NIViewer, Orbbec Somatic Area and so on … but no App called “Nuitrack”.
When trying to intall TVico.apk (yes, I need its streaming capabilities) the installer pops up, lets me confirm the required access it needs, then I get a short loading bar of the installer followed by “X App not installed.” and no further information given.

Checking the APKs commit history on github I also found it did not get any updates since 2 years(!?), while the Nuitrack.apk is recent. Out of curiosity I installed the Nuitrack.apk which just works.

Hope somebody can help me out, I wasn’t able to find any troubleshooting on this.

Hello @jhnnslmk
TVico.apk does not need frequent updates.

Try installing the application via adb, then an error will probably appear. Also tell the android version on the device