TVico as peripheral and gallery example


We have received today the TVico camera and are planing to use it to make a Unity app that is similar to your gallery example, but using 3D objects instead of images. The TVico camera is used as a peripheral, and the game will be rendered on a Windows PC with a powerfull GPU.

We have managed to get the first Unity example working, but not the gallery example. In both cases we have switched the Wi-Fi property in the Nuitrack manager script to Tvico, and connected the Windows PC to the AndroidAp network of the device.

Is it impossible to use the hand tracking and gesture recognition modules when using TVico as a peripheral, or did we configure something wrong in the example?

Indeed, if you connect TVico to your PC via Wi-Fi, only skeleton data is transmitted. You can install your app to an Android device and connect it to TVico via Wi-Fi. In this case, all Nuitrack modules (skeleton, segment, hands…) are transmitted. To do this, make sure that TVico.apk is installed on your TVico. You can still develop and debug your app in Unity and connect TVico to your PC, but only skeleton will be displayed. You can read more about TVico use cases here.