TVico License Issue

I am unable to select the TVico license on our Orbbec Persee sensor. We initially installed Linux and converted it back to an android device however when we go to license the product (we purchased another Android license) we can only license it for Nuitrack pro and the TVico option is not available. We need the wireless hotspot in order to complete our project which is why we switched from our Linux setup with the Persee.

We are getting the “Cannot Connect to No connect could be made because the target machine actively refused it”.

We can ping the device and have confirmed with other sensors the test Win10 machine/Unity/Sample Project work and skeleton data is received.



Hi Shane,

Please try the following:

  1. Uninstall TVico.apk and Nuitrack.apk from TVico.
  2. Install TVico.apk on TVico once again.
  3. Run “Compatibility Test”. Use your license key and select “License Type - TVico”.

TVico.apk is used for wireless connection, Nuitrack.apk is used for wired connection.

If you want to connect TVico wirelessly to your PC, please follow the instructions in our TVico User Guide (see the section Wireless Case).