TVico Orbbec Persee - Not working

Product: Orbbec Persee
Module: Persee G1

After installing Nuitrack.apk from the following link, I am not able to see anything from the camera.
TVico User Guide

The installation works fine, however when I click on Compatibility Test, all I can see is a black screen. I thought it could be some kind of delay so I waited for around 10 minutes and still nothing.

I tried then to install the TVico.apk, but it is defective and does not work at all.

Is there anyone that would be able to help me?

Thanks in advance.

Well, I built a Unity apk using the Nuitrack SDK to test.
I installed it in the TVico Orbbec Persee sensor, but I’m getting this is error.

However, I have Nuitrack.apk installed and running, so it seems odd that libnuitrack is not being found.

Please check the app permissions. All permissions should be granted for both apps (Nuitrack and a Unity sample).
Also make sure that Nuitrack is installed correctly: check the logs in the Nuitrack window.

So answering my problem… I was able to see the sensor depth/RGB camera working after I cleaned the buffer (clear data) in: Settings -> Apps -> Nuitrack -> Clear Data.

I was able to use make one game work (This is not using camera at all, only the user skeleton), However, when I build apps that uses the camera or even when I open the apps that came in the sensor such as MagicSalad2 or BraveJelly, the sensor does not track anything or show any camera rendering.
So it’s a bit unclear what is happening.

Yes, Nuitrack is installed correctly in Windows, since I can use it properly when connecting with Kinect.
Also all the permissions seems fine.

I guess my main problem now is to understand why apps that require camera are not working at all (even though the permissions are granting access to camera) and the Nuitrack.apk for example is showing the camera with no restrictions (other than the 3 min trial).