TVico use with Unity on PC and license issue

I have 3 questions related to the use of TVico:

  1. If I run the Nuitrack on TVico in demo mode, does it stream the data to IP ? It does not work (it was working OK with licensed version) for me. I stream to Unity code on PC …

  2. Nuitrack had crashed on TVico and as the result it started to work like it is not licensed.
    Re-entering the licence code reports no more activation available.
    I believe the license is HW connected and after crahs/system reinstall it can be
    re-enetered on the identical HW. What can I do now?

  3. Is there any way to check the TVico is streaming the data to net ? I can ping the Tvico to check it is on line, but I do not see it sends the mocap data (even when it shows skeleton on TVico connected screen)

Michal Husak GALI-3D Inc. senior software engineer

I had found in your documentation following sentence related to TVico :

“The license is non-portable, but you can reactivate the license if you use new hardware with the same sensor.”

Unfortunately it does not work in this way - re-entering the same licence on the same HW reports no activation left.

Try to uninstall Nuitrack on TVico and instal/activate it again with the same license key. it should work

It works - partialy . I need to select TVico 0 license. It works even when the number of available license is 0.
Unfortunately after this operation the nuitrack server on the android is still not running - I do not get nay data from net to PC :-(.

I had found the problem. I installed nuitrack.apk instead of tvico.apk. The generate identical icons on android but it looks like nuitrack.apk does not launch the nuitrack server …
Does TVico.apk exist in final non-beta form ?

yes, that is what I wanted to remind - you need to install both Nuitrack and TVico APKs, as mentioned here, then select “TVico” license activating Nuitrack. TVico APK enables streaming. TVico beta works stable now, hope someone from developers team will clarify its status…